IPA International Registered Chinese Teacher Certification
The "Internationally Registered Chinese Teacher Certification" is a certification issued by the International Association for Authentication (IPA) on the basis of the great demand for Chinese teachers in the world. It is authorized by the Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China to implement it throughout the country and implements the national unified examination.
The "International Chinese Language Teachers Qualification Certificate" launched by IPA is recognized by more than 100 international countries and is authoritative. The IPA International Professional Qualification Certificate was fully accredited by the U.S. federal government and signed by the U.S. Secretary of State. In China, the International Certification Association has been authorized by the Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China and authorized to implement it throughout the country. The IPA certificate is the only one in China that has been fully accredited by the Chinese Embassy in the United States and has been signed by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate representative. With the IPA certificate, you can apply for the Chinese embassy in the United States to identify the certificate and academic qualifications and the Chinese Ministry of Personnel National Talent Network's identification, "the international registration of Chinese teachers qualification certificate", the implementation of a unified examination. Those who pass the examination will be jointly certified by the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the US State Department, the National Personnel Ministry of the Ministry of Personnel, the International Certification Association, and the China National Talent Network, and issue corresponding qualification certificates.
Sample certificate
Certificate advantages
《IPA International Registration for Foreign Language Teachers》
One of the most authoritative certificates at home and abroad
"International Chinese Language Teacher Certification" is recognized by more than 100 international countries
Domestic University Foreign Language majors
A very important basis for you to apply for volunteering in Chinese
curriculum structure
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Skills Training and Teaching Plan Design
Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication
Examination level
In the same test, the level is confirmed according to the level of the test score. Each class has a perfect score of 150 points. Primary (90-104 points), Intermediate (105-127 points), and Advanced (128 points or more). Except for foreign languages, you only need to pass (90 points), and the level is not high. The results are valid for three years. Each person can apply for up to three times. If he fails to pass the exam three times, the applicant's certification will no longer be accepted.
Exam subjects
(1)Basic Comprehensive [Including Modern Chinese (50 points), Chinese/Foreign Culture (50 points), Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (50 points, including 20 points for lesson plan design)] 
(2)Classroom teaching ability test [including Mandarin assessment]
(3)Foreign language [up to 90 points. If you have a relevant foreign language certificate, you can take the test. see attached】 Explanation: Except for the "Classroom Teaching Ability Test" examination time is 10 minutes, the other class examination time is 150 minutes.
International Registered Chinese Teacher Qualification Level Test Registration
Registration conditions
College degree (inclusive) or above, college sophomore (inclusive) and above, and participate in relevant trainers. (For undergraduates and foreigners who have achieved the corresponding exemption conditions and Mandarin 2nd grade A or above, they can apply for the exam directly.) Students studying abroad can relax until they graduate from high school or senior high school.
Registration procedure
1. Registration personnel must submit the following materials (incomplete materials are not accepted):  
(1) Complete a "Registration Form for the International Registered Chinese Teacher Professional Qualification Certification Exam" and paste my recent 2-inch bareheaded full-face color photo.
(2) A photocopy of college diploma (including) or higher diploma (original education certificate must be presented at the time of registration), a photocopy of student certificate (including the above) for student sophomore (including the original student card).
(3) Photocopy of ID card or passport (original ID card must also be presented at the time of registration)
(4) Exemption from foreign language examination requires a copy of the relevant certificate (original certificate must also be presented at the time of registration).
(5) Another 6-inch color photograph of the recent bareheaded face.
2, to pay the examination registration fee, examination fee: see the provincial and municipal examination center information.
3, I can not register for any reason, you can entrust others to help with the registration process, the entrusted by the applicant must present the original entrustment and registration materials.
4, admission ticket issued about five days before the test.
International Registration of Chinese Language Teachers' Qualification Certificate

Applicants can obtain the IPA International Registered Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate about one and a half months after passing the IPA certification exam.

Foreign Language Level Exempt Certificate List
The following certificates can be used as proof-of-examination for foreign language proficiency. Proofs and results of other foreign language proficiency levels are not considered as valid materials for this determination.
1. Diplomas in foreign language and literature majors (including) or above in domestic institutions of higher learning;
2. CET-4 or C6 Certificate of Completion or System Test Certificate before June 2005;  
3. A transcript of 425 points (inclusive) or above in the New College English Test Level 4 after June 2005;
4. Certificate of achievement for the National Foreign Language Proficiency Test (WSK) (including Japanese, French, German, and Russian);   
5, National English Level Examination (PETS) Level 4 (inclusive) or above certificate:
6. Proof of the above TOEFL test score of 500 points (inclusive) or more after the April 20, 2004 (inclusive) or 5 points (inclusive) of the IELTS test;
7. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Grade 2 or Level 1 certificate;
8, German University Language Test (TestDaf) 3 or 4 or 5 (TDN3-5) language certificate;
9, Korean Proficiency Test (KLT) intermediate (3 or 4) or advanced (5 or 6) certificate of achievement.
10, national bachelor's degree English unified test results certificate.
11, the national title foreign language examination grade certificate.
12. The foreign language is the native language of its own ethnic group and presents a valid identity document.
13. Persons studying in other countries show diplomas or related language certificates or proof of reading in the country.
Classroom Instruction "Capability Test" Description
International Registered Chinese Teacher Qualification Test Classroom teaching ability test description
Full marks: 150 minutes Time: 10 minutes or 15 minutes (according to the answers of the local counseling center course consultant)
First, the test purpose:
1. Test the instructor's proficiency in the use of teaching methods, such as Chinese vocabulary, grammar, listening, and oral teaching, and the ability to adapt.
2, test the teaching of Mandarin and class teaching, instrumentation, sound and other performance pros and cons. Second, test requirements:
Please find out one or two grammatical points and words that you think are important from the essay given to you. Please use 3 or more teaching methods in 10 minutes.
During the lecture, suppose that you are sitting below your student (Intermediate Chinese level). If you are lecturing in the same way as you are in a real class, you are not speaking. You can use the invigilator as a student. The entire process was recorded with a video camera and then handed over to the judges for centralized scoring.
Full marks: 150 points. Among them, vocabulary teaching accounts for 25%, grammar teaching accounts for 40%, Putonghua teaches 20%, and instrument teaching accounts for 15%.
Examination materials
Sample certificate
Accreditation documents of the US State Department and the Chinese Embassy in the United States: (See the following documents for scanning)
Chinese Language Teacher Re-education Course
Chinese language teaching
Primary speaking teaching
               ——New target Chinese textbook
Chinese as a Foreign Language (Elementary and Intermediate)
               ——Chinese courses
Foreign language courses
English language training
Spanish Training Course
Japanese language training course
Korean language training courses