All courses are taught by professors from Central China Normal University, professional and accurate.
Break the traditional teaching mode
Adopt a new stereoscopic education
In accordance with their aptitude, according to different
Students provide flexible personalized coaching
Teaching in small classes to ensure that students’ problems are completely solved
The team of experts learned more about the official textbooks, analyzed the outlines, and built a systematic learning framework.
Apply for teacher qualification process
Have the corresponding academic qualifications of the reported teacher qualifications;
Participate in comprehensive quality, teaching/educational teaching/subject knowledge and ability examinations and obtain qualified results;
Pass the Putonghua test of the National Language Committee (secondary B et al.);
Through education and teaching ability testing;
Medical examination is qualified.
examination Three major Steps to get your card easily
Written test
A syllabus created by a team of foreign Chinese experts
A group of professional professors from South China Normal University teaches in person
A team of experts personally summarizes the examinations over the years. Selected 2,875 unique exam questions.
Up to 1000 test sites
The expert team thoroughly understands all the official website designations and summarizes the knowledge of the book.
112 exams
Collecting examination questions over the years integrates the common 112 test sites, repeating learning and consolidation.
Pre-examination reinforcement review
A team of experts personally summarizes the examinations over the years. Selected 2,875 unique exam questions.
Mandarin test
The state provides Putonghua test sites and starts classes on a monthly basis, allowing you to immediately take a Putonghua test and easily pass the Putonghua test.
Application conditions:The whole society needs to get a Mandarin certificate

Application materials:One copy of ID card, one for electronic passport

Nature of certificate:The language committee is issued, it is universal and it is valid for life

Personnel applying for a teacher's qualification certificate must take the Putonghua test and be up to grade two or higher

(Individuals require Level 2 A, etc.)

Note:2-3 classes per month depending on the number of students applied. Please apply as soon as possible to the registration hotline.
Try to talk
The Ministry of Education announced the interview scoring standards, allowing you to face the interview to win!
Test items Occupational awareness Psychological quality Instrumentation Speech expression Thinking quality Instructional design Teaching implementation Teaching Evaluation
Weights 5 5 5 15 15 10 35 10
Grading A strong desire to teach, a high degree of recognition of the teacher’s profession, a clear understanding of the basic content and responsibilities of the teacher’s work, care for the students, respect for the students, equal treatment of the students, and concern for the growth of each student.  
Lively, cheerful, self-confidence, and strong emotional adjustment. The clothes are neat and the gauges are appropriate, in line with the professional characteristics of the teachers. The behavior is stable and dignified and generous. It teaches nature and the limbs are properly expressed. Clear language, accurate expression, appropriate speaking speed, good at listening, communicating, and having affinity. Well-thoughtful and organized thinking, quickly grasping core elements, accurately understanding and analyzing problems, looking at comprehensive problems, flexible thinking, and innovative thinking and methods for solving problems. Understand the objectives and requirements of the course, and accurately grasp the teaching content, according to the characteristics of the discipline, to determine the specific teaching objectives, teaching priorities and difficulties, teaching design reflects the students' subjectivity.  
Situations are set up rationally, attention is paid to the motivation of learning motivation, teaching content is expressed and presented clearly and accurately, there is awareness of communicating with students, the questions raised are inspiring, the theme of the board design is prominent, and the levels are clearly defined; the board is neat, beautiful, moderate, teaching Arrangement is reasonable; time and rhythm are properly controlled; teaching methods and methods are effective. Can carry on the process evaluation to the student, can objectively evaluate the teaching effect.
Interview practical tips

 Interviewing class says four lessons: Saying not only "what to teach" but also "how to teach"

 Try to talk about winning the magic trick: psychological tactics outside the test center can often affect the final results

③ Recruitment interview reply analysis: The reply usually appears in the teacher interview with the combination of test or talk