Shenzhen University CIE International Exchange School

Shenzhen, China’s earliest special economic zone, is only separated from Hong Kong by water.

Shenzhen University is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The campus is prosperous and its environment is beautiful. The school has 27 colleges and its research fields cover philosophy, literature, economics, law, pedagogy, science, engineering, management, medicine, history, and art.

Shenzhen University International Exchange School is responsible for enrollment, teaching, and management of international students at Shenzhen University. It is an advanced unit for overseas students education in Guangdong Province.

Welcome to Shenzhen University.

Chinese Summer Training Course
Professional courses above all accept professional applications
Introductory Chinese Classes: For beginner learners
Elementary Chinese Class: Learners who have a certain level of Chinese Language
Intermediate Chinese class: Suitable for learners who have studied Chinese for one year
Focused on intensive reading and oral English teaching, aiming to improve students’ ability to use Chinese in communication
Elective course
Calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper cutting, hot news, etc.
Extracurricular activities
First saw Shenzhen, International Cultural Festival, Talent Competition, New Year's Party and so on.
Tuition fee: 3,000 yuan / 4 weeks; 4800 yuan / 7 weeks
Course Course Course
Apply for the required materials
Admission Requirements
Check List
Chinese Language
Passport copy(Require paddquire paddport to be valid for at least six months beyong the study period)

Passport Photo

Copy of Valid Visa Page and seal

Foreigner Physical Examination From

Bank statement

Non-criminal Record Report

International exchange

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Our advantage

  • Teaching advantages
    • Shenzhen University signed experts and professors to ensure that the most authoritative teachers and the best teaching results were available. Short-term training was awarded by Shenzhen University with a certificate of completion, and a diploma education program awarded Shenzhen University with a formal academic certificate.

  • Team Advantage
    • The team's core employees are all able to study abroad in Europe and the United States and work background, bring you the world's top education service concept, and provide you with a global cross-cultural communication learning platform.

  • Course advantages
    • The expert team has spent five years developing and producing professional courses and teaching materials, costing millions of RMB