City University of Macau recruits graduate students
Unified Research Institute
Studying at a low cost
Return treatment
Admissions Course
Professional courses above all accept professional applications
Business school
Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Chinese Literature), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (Chinese Literature)
Humanities and Social Sciences college
Master of Cultural Industry Management (Chinese Literature), Master of Applied Psychology (Chinese Literature), Doctor of Applied Psychology (Chinese Literature)
International Tourism and Management Institute
Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Chinese Literature), Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Chinese Literature), Master of Service Management (Chinese Literature), Master of Service Management (English School System), Doctor of International Tourism Management (Chinese Literature), Doctor of International Tourism Management (English school system)
School of Education
Master of Education (Chinese Literature), Doctor of Education (Chinese Literature)
Law School
Master of Laws Course (Chinese Literature)
Business English learning
Full-time Macau study, Chinese teaching
Recruitment of Putonghua, low-cost study abroad, and returnee treatment
Accept cross-professional application without IELTS TOEFL score
The Ministry of Education has approved the document and the Chinese Graduate Admissions Information Network is officially available.
The certificates issued by the following foreign (outside) institutions are temporarily out of the degree qualification
Participate in foreign language training or study other non-formal courses (such as short-term studies) to obtain a certificate of completion;
The research experience of postgraduates and visiting scholars and proof of postdoctoral research;
Pre-certification issued by a university or other higher education institution outside the country
National (outside) Diplomas, Honors, and Honors Certificates without corresponding study or research experience
Education certificate or higher education diploma issued by a school-run institution (project) that has not been approved by the relevant government education administration
International (out-of-office) diploma or higher education diploma obtained through non-face-to-face learning methods such as correspondence, distance education, and online education
National (outside) outside occupation skill or professional qualification certificate
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